Review of Night Shift

Night ShiftI’ve read a few of Lilith Saintcrow’s novels. Not one of Jill Kismet though. I’ve started with the Dante Valentine series (haven’t finished them yet) and thought they were excellent. So I decided to try this one with the expectation that I will enjoy it. Enjoy it I did! as usual they were great and filled with heart stopping action it was like watching a movie instead.

Night Shift is the story of Jill Kismet. Once, she was a prostitute, but now she’s a hunter, one who keeps the balance between humans and beings from the nightside. She’s what you might call a paranormal bounty hunter/police officer. This time, it’s a difficult case; a hellbreed run amok with a rogue Were. what’s odd is these two supernatural beings are actually together in this chase and it’s up to Jill to figure out who’s behind it and why.

Comparing this with Dante Valentine, they’re both almost similar in regards to personality. Tough and able to raise literal hell to track down villains, yet soft and sensitive sides come out when no one’s looking (well, almost). I can’t really say who I like more as they’re both such interesting characters with such horrible pasts and are able to climb out of it and become strong butt kicking characters. I like it how they’re not suffering from nyphomania like some paranormal urban fantasy characters I’ve read about which makes me roll my eyes each time they’re mentioned. I love Jill and Dante’s wit, their sarcasm, sometimes their thoughts made me laugh out loud, and their reckless impulsive behavior when fighting -it’s always exciting to read, and it just seems as if they’re not scared to run into a fight with the odds stacked against them. It’s also nice to read about a character in which not *every*  other character wants to sleep with them (unlike some other urban fantasy novels I’ve read too)

I thought the plot was great, and the action sequences were awesome. There’s a lot of action in this book, I found myself reading page after page because it caught my attention and I wanted to know what was going to happen next. Although this is a mystery in this book I couldn’t really bring myself to guess who it was, or who was behind everything as all I was concerned with was who Jill was going to fight next. All the pieces fit in together anyway, and the only questions I’m left with is more about Jill’s past. I’d like to know more of her and more stories of her and Mikhail.

The romance (well budding romance) between Jill and Saul is nice although I find it a little mismatched, it’s amusing to see Jill trying to push him away even though it’s not what she wants, and Saul can see right through it. I thought it was cute how Saul walks so close to Jill and invades her “personal space” much to her annoyance. In a way, I think they’re right for each other, but in other ways I don’t think so..they’re just so different, perhaps because you don’t know much about Saul and his character isn’t really that developed in the book. Perhaps in future books….

The only criticism I could give is, although the action is nice, it just seems like one huge adrenalin rush and the writing just feels haphazard. Then again it could be just me that feels this way.

Overall an excellent book if you’re looking for a strong character, a good exciting plot, and plenty of fighting scenes to get you turning page after page.

I give it an 8 out of 10.


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