Review of Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little LiarsThis is the first book of the Pretty Little Liars series. Luckily, while going to the local thrift store, I was fortunate enough to find number two and three so I can get a move on with this reading challenge. This book got me seriously hooked.

Pretty Little Liars circles around a group of girls; Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily. Each of them has an awful secret which marrs their otherwise perfect life. What these girls have in common besides an ugly secret is their friendship with Alison who disappeared one night and was never found. Only until recently, the girls have been receiving odd texts, notes, and IM’s about their secret and about things that only them and Alison would know, and it’s mysteriously signed “A”. They now wonder, is it really Alison?

This book really kept me turning the pages. It was so interesting, especially when they started receiving the messages with information that only they had shared with Alison. It certainly did give off an air of paranoia and it was a bit on the creepy side. I also liked how one secret led to another, and to another to the point where everything is layered with secrecy. The girls do share one big one though called “The Jenna Thing” which is not really wholly explained, but from the small bits of information you get, it does seem like a real big ugly one.

Of all the girls in the book, I would say I like Hanna the most. At times I really do feel sorry for her as I don’t think she really knows who she really is yet and I sympathize with her. I do feel sorry for Spencer as well, although she did ask for it and brought it on herself. However it’s her family I really dislike since they do treat Spencer like dirt. The characters in the book aren’t really that deep or well rounded, but then again this book is meant to be a light fast read and really all you want is to get to the bottom of the plot, not worry about character development.

The plot is well done and very fast, it kept you going and kept you turning the pages until the very end, and even then it leaves off at a cliffhanger ending that makes you want to ask for more. The only thing I would have to dislike though, is the designer label name dropping that happens. It didn’t occur much in the beginning but it started to become a more common thing through the end. That bugs me. It bugged me the most when for the second time in my life a bloody thong was labelled (and it’s the same brand name too!) I wonder if both authors know each other and share tips on which kind of designer labels to add to their novels? hmm. I’m really hoping it’s not going to be an issue in the second book because as in the Blood Blood series, I dropped reading them because of the excessive designer label description (that’s one of the reasons why I dropped the series). I’m praying it won’t happen for this series. I really do have high hopes for this one, as it grabbed my attention, I loved it for the mystery and the creepiness and I really want to know about The Jenna Thing.

Overall, designer labelling aside, it was a great page turner and I recommend this book for those that want an interesting YA read that can be finished in a day.

I give it a 9 out of 10.


One thought on “Review of Pretty Little Liars

  1. Great review!! And thanks again for signing up for my Challenge!! I really love this series..

    My favorite character is Aria.. Probably because I have thought a few of my High School teachers were cute and had always wondered. And Aria is living what I “thought” I had wanted in school… 🙂

    Thanks again! And awesome review!!

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