Review of Death by Darjeeling

Death by DarjeelingEver since I figured out the joy of cozy mysteries, I’ve been on a rampage looking for them and then listing them for me to check out and see. This one got my attention for several reasons. One, it’s about tea. I’m a tea lover. Second, they have recipes at the back. I’m always collecting recipes wherever I go. Third, it just sounded so cozy I felt like wrapping a blanket around myself and just reading until I finished.

Death by Darjeeling features Theodosia Browning, a woman who used to work in the marketing business but decided to go back to her hometown and run a small quaint tea shop and just get away from the fast city life. Also an event caterer for the annual historic homes garden party, crisis strikes when a guest is dead clutching a tea cup. Among the suspects listed is Theo herself as her tea was used for this party. It’s upto Theo to solve this mystery, and save her business and its’ reputation.

What can I say but that I absolutely loved this book. Everything about it just got me so wrapped up in Theo’s Indigo Tea Shop and the mystery itself was intriguing in its’ own little way I had to read this from cover to cover. Everything about it was just so “cozy”. I loved the different descriptions about tea, and being a tea lover myself am now in the look out for new teas to try. Aside from the wonderful tea descriptions and the desserts that went along with it, the mystery was a fun read. Nothing too flashy and sensational. However there were proper moments of suspense and intrigue which kept the reader going and more engrossed to keep reading some more.

I loved the characters in the book. The suspects were believable and each had a motive for murder. I liked Theo and her staff at the tea shop who supported her through her investigation. They were all likable characters (although I found Drayton to be a particular favorite as he was the actual tea connoisseur). As for the real murderer and the solving of the case, I thought I had guessed correctly but I was blindsided and it wasn’t who I expected it to be. There were a couple of questions I would like to have answered but I figured they would wait until the next book or two to see what would happen to certain characters I’m curious about. Plot flow was good and interesting. Nothing distracting to take away from the main theme. Theo is a great strong character and her determination to solve this case and save the reputation of her business and friend makes her even more likeable and noble.

Overall a wonderful mystery cozy! this will definitely be a series I will continue reading. I recommend this for cozy mystery lovers and tea aficionados alike.

I give it a 10 out of 10.


6 thoughts on “Review of Death by Darjeeling

  1. The Tea Shop Mystery series is wonderful. I started reading it for the same reason, I love tea. Be sure to check out Laura Childs’ other two series – Scrapebook Murder Mysteries and Cackleberry Club Murder Mysteries. They are great too and both series have recipes in the back.
    I just posted a review of Eggs Benedict Arnold in the Cackleberry series on my blog –
    Check out, I think you’ll like it too.
    Happy reading.

  2. LOL, I had to laugh when I read the line that you are on a rampage for cozy mysteries! I remember a time when you mentioned that you had not read any of this genre!! ROFL! Aren’t they awesome and so much fun?!?!?! I am glad that you are enjoying them so much and I look forward to discovering new authors and book titles from you! I haven’t read this series, but am going to check it out!

  3. This is one of my favorite series. I too love Drayton. I wish there were a cozy tea shop like this in my home town. Laura’s other series are very good too if you haven’t tried them. Happy reading and have a happy new year.

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