Review of Cirque du Freak

Cirque du FreakI saw previews of the movie featuring The Vampire’s Assistant (which covers I think, the first three of the Darren Shan books?) and was curious. So I took the first book out of the library. First thing, I didn’t think it was going to be such a thin book. Had I known, I would have taken out the first three novels. Oh well. No problem. It’s not like I have nothing to read anyway.

I really can’t summarize this book as I’d be giving a lot away. All I can say, is it’s about a boy named Darren Shan who gets invited to come along with his best friend Steve to a freak show. It’s this one single moment which changes both of their lives forever. See? I can’t really give a real good synopsis (and I don’t like copying the back of the book either). That’s the real main idea of the book though.

I liked this book. It was short and simple and sweet. It made me cringe though, as Darren has a fondness for spiders as I love my cats and spiders aren’t exactly my favorite insect in the world. There’s a nice underlying creepiness throughout the book which I enjoyed as it kept me focused and my attention did not wander off. It was extremely fast paced and the book was far from boring. There were a few revelations and some parts where I thought sounded so predictable, actually surprised me as it didn’t go the way I thought it would. Although I rather figured Steve would go the way he would, but if he didn’t, the book wouldn’t have ended as it has and it wouldn’t have been as exciting.

I like Steve though, he’s fearless and he’s got a reckless streak that you can immediately identify as him being the one bringing all the trouble (not on purpose) but it’s him that keeps the plot flowing and making it exciting. Although Darren is the main character, if it weren’t for Steve in many aspects of the story, the plot would have stayed flat. I like Darren for his loyalty, although it didn’t do much good anyway.

There’s a great cliffhanger ending, and now I’m left wanting to read some more. It’s certainly a great start to the series and will keep readers interested and engrossed as to what will happen next to these two boys. The only thing I thought was a little odd was sometimes the boys talked like adults so at times it just didn’t sound so real, although I’m willing to let it go. The book was good enough that you can just ignore that little error.

Overall, a wonderful start to an interesting series. It gives freak shows a whole new meaning of creepiness and with a cliffhanger ending, you’re bound to swallow this series up like candy.

I give it a 8 out of 10.

NOTE: This is one of my reviews ready to be posted this week I’ll do a few at a time so readers won’t be overwhelmed! 🙂 I finally got the internet back at home after moving all my stuff. Let’s just say there’s still boxes all over the place. Getting the web was much more important. 😛


2 thoughts on “Review of Cirque du Freak

  1. Interesting review! After seeing the previews, I too sought out the series at my local bookstore. Opted for a 3 in 1 set of the first three titles…..the opening scenes of the first book are WAY creepy….with all the spider and laying eggs and ….okay, grossing myself out now. It’s good to hear that it stays interesting, but maybe not so good (for me at least) that there’s more gross outs to come. Thanks for sharing!

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