Review of The Magic Thief: Stolen

The Magic Thief: StolenI can’t remember where I heard this book from. It seems I come across so many books I would like to take a look at and then I can’t seem to remember where I saw it in the first place. Anyway, like the cover? isn’t it awesome. The one thing I like about kid’s books, their covers are so eye catching it’s like candy.

The Magic Thief:Stolen by Sarah Prineas is about a boy thief/spy living on the streets, named Conn who manages to steal the locus magicalicus from a wizard named Nevery. Nevery catches him and instead of punishing him, decides to take him under his wing to train him as an apprentice. Conn’s special, it should have killed him when he stole the stone. While trying to learn how to read, and between trying to find his very own locus magicalicus at the same time, something is happening in the city of Wellmet. Magic is slowly being drained from the city and if there is no magic, the city will suffer. Nevery is being called to find out what’s happening and what is causing the slow drainage of magic. Conn also attempts to help him, and uncovers a plot between a magic rival of Nevery’s and someone familiar to Conn himself.

This book was a short quick read, and filled with action to keep you turning page after page. What I really liked is the really neat illustrations that comes with each chapter. Also in between chapters, is pages that looks like it’s from Nevery’s journal in his writing and in his point of view which adds a little bit more to the plot to round it out evenly. This was also nice to read and it was a nice addition to the book. What I also enjoyed were the names of the places and setting of the book: City of Wellmet, and within the city there are districts like: The Twilight (bad area!) or The Sunrise (rich area), Heartsease (where Conn and Nevery live). Places like these make the setting more magical and fantastical, but I like it as it adds more feeling to the setting. What’s also a neat little add on to the book is at the end you’ll find two recipes for biscuits. You’ll find in the novel, the significance of them and how they’re a very common object in the novel. There is also a glossary and a few extras at the back of the book which is also a nice add on.

Conn sort of reminds me of Oliver Twist a little, he’s a thief and a street orphan who managed to survive for all this time before he met Nevery. He’s very brave and reckless and his curiosity and stubbornness does get the best out of him, but since the book is in his point of view his thoughts were very amusing and sometimes funny to read, especially when he meets with the Duchess and with the incident with the truth serum and the guards (a funny moment in the book). He’s a great character, and an exciting one who’s not afraid of going out there in the city all by himself which always creates some form of trouble or excitement.

However, I wish there was more to Nevery. Hopefully in the next book there will be a little more background information about him. It’s certainly not necessary but it’s always nice to read about it to give the character a more “rounded” out feel and not be so two dimensional. Another character I am curious about is Benet. I’d like to know more about him as well. It seems at times that background information might be helpful or perhaps would have helped in making the plot and its’ characters have more depth but then again, it’s not necessary and perhaps it will all be explained in the next books to come.

Overall a great page turner with plenty of action, comedy, and fantasy. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Think of Oliver Twist in a fantastical setting. I will definitely be picking up the next book in this series it’s certainly well worth it!

I give it an 8 out of 10.


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