Booking Through Thursday 11/12

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Suggested by JM:

“Life is too short to read bad books.” I’d always heard that, but I still read books through until the end no matter how bad they were because I had this sense of obligation.

That is, until this week when I tried (really tried) to read a book that is utterly boring and unrealistic. I had to stop reading.

Do you read everything all the way through or do you feel life really is too short to read bad books?

– Yes! life is way too short to waste time on books you’re forcing yourself to read! I try to give myself a limit. If the book doesn’t grab my interest in at least the first 5 chapters then I’m dropping it. Unless it’s a series that I really like, then I’ll have to force myself to read it. (The only one exception was the Blue Bloods series, which I dropped as if it was a slimy slug on my hand. That series I have no regrets dropping).

I have so many books to read, I can’t afford to waste time on books I don’t like to read 🙂


5 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday 11/12

  1. First 5 chapters is a good rule. I’ll keep that in mind!

    It definitely is a different story if the book is part of a series you’ve otherwise enjoyed. Right now I’m reading a book by an author I’ve otherwise really really enjoyed, so although it’s not all that great, I think I’ll stick it out. Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment!

  2. I hate that feeling of forced reading. I’ve hit reading slumps because I was so unwilling to quit reading a book even though I wasn’t enjoying it. Now, if a book is simply unbearable, I push it aside.

  3. Totally agree that you shouldn’t waste your time on a book you’re not enjoying! There are too many other good books out there waiting for you, so why bother with the bad ones?

    Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for a certain book and will put it down to read something else, planning to pick it up later. However, will never pick up the “slimy slugs” ever again!

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