Monday Combo 11/2

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about social reading…

How much of your reading do you share with others (outside of blogging?) Do you belong to a book or library club? Do you trade books with friends? Do you tell others what you’re reading?

– I don’t really share my reading with others except the hombre and one other friend. The rest of my other friends don’t read much. I wish I could trade books with friends nearby! that would be awesome! I do giveaway leftover books I have to other friends but that’s when I need some space for the incoming books 😉 normally I don’t really tell other people what I’m reading…seriously, unless they’re big bookworms like I am, would they really care?


Mailbox Monday:

I received the following:

Leviathan – Scott Westerfeld (contest win)

Nibble and Kuhn – David Schmahmann (pub contact)

Children of Dust – Ali Eteraz (pub contact)

The Manufactured Identity – Heath Sommer (Author contact)


Library Finds:

The Ghost King – R A Salvatore (WHEEEE!!!)

One Second After – William Forstchen

I took out a lot more, but that day I was so pissed off because my sister ruined my dinner plans and she just wouldn’t leave the house. So I was so mad I just can’t remember what books I took out besides those two. Ahem. All I remember was I took a lot out and it felt really good 😛 lol.
So! what are your answers? 🙂


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