Teaser Tuesday featuring One Second After

My teaser is a scene in One Second After:

“Thanks for what you once did for us, Sergeant,” he whispered.

The old man smiled and nodded. John felt a bit foolish at first but could not stop himself. he came to attention and saluted the old man, who stiffened in his chair, smiled, and returned the salute. John left him and headed to the car.

It was actually one of the touching moments I found in the book. I actually nearly started to cry…


Review of One Second After

One Second AfterI’m mixed as to what this book could be classified under. I wonder is science fiction would do the job? although not much science was really mentioned. However it’s post apocalyptic. Yet that doesn’t necessairly mean it’s science fiction. Do you get my dilemma? anyway, I rather like books like these, they make me think. Then I start getting paranoid and wonder what would really happen if something like this were to really occur. It makes you think, and it makes your hair rise on the back of your neck. Plus, it also makes you count your blessings a lot more.

One Second After gives you a very interesting scenario; what would happen if an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) were to be detonated in your country? the question is answered through John Matherson as he struggles to survive and save his family through this huge life changing event as it plunges the US back into the Dark Ages and into, quite literally, utter chaos. John is a college history professor and has unwittingly became one of its’ chief leaders of their little town of Black Mountain, North Carolina. He has to go through very tough decisions, very hard moments, and very dangerous ones in a country that’s total anarchy and where survival is the only thing left on one’s mind.

This was definitely mind blowing. It’s just so realistic because it’s true, we are so dependent on technology and with one simple EMP everything would just shut down. Nothing would work. It’s just amazing what we take for granted and when it’s not there, we panic and suddenly we feel so primitive. It was so interesting and I found myself turning page after page wondering what was going to happen next. Since everything was just shutting down, and John and some others in important positions were having to come together to make important decisions you wanted to know what choices one had to make when placed in a situation like this. It was just so interesting to see that just in a matter of weeks martial law sets in, decisions as to who gets the most rations, or what to do with those who are stealing and looting and get caught doing so. It was just an eye opener to see a well structured society as the one we are so used to just crumble and fall once something as catastrophic as an EMP happens.

Again I have to say what an eye opener this book is, the realism is there and everything is just so tragic especially when I read about what was happening in the senior’s home. I nearly wanted to cry. Everything was well described and the emotion is so tense and raw, you could feel what John was going through, you can feel the desparation, the anger, and anguish as you see the events through his point of view. Given the theme of this book, it’s definitely not a happy one, there were moments where you go get a chuckle or two but not so often. Even the ending, wasn’t really a great one it left you with an empty feeling, because you still weren’t sure what was going on out there, it certainly felt as if you were being kept in the dark, the same as the inhabitants of Black Mountain.

I loved the writing style of the book and the action. It just made me keep going. I wanted to see who survived and who didn’t. I wanted the best out of the characters I liked but knew it wasn’t going to end this way because the situation just seemed so bleak. You saw John from being a college professor with a specialty in military history (with military experience) to a hestitant leader who saw society crumble in days. I really did like John’s character development. It was very real and emotion filled. The other characters played their part but they were in the background the majority of the time. It was really John you’d be following throughout this book.

There’s a few things of the book I didn’t like. There were scenes where I felt there was a corny sense of patriotism and it was starting to look like a real bad Hollywood movie. Some moments were eye rolling and it sort of ruined the reading experience of the book. Then there were parts where it was predictable (the scene with Elizabeth and Ben jeeeeezzzz give me a break). So in a way, it was like reading a Hollywood movie in a book which is unfortunate as the book was fine without those moments. Also, this book is not for the squeamish there are moments of graphic violence among other things mentioned.

Overall, an eye opening book, because this sort of thing could really happen to us. It makes you now wonder about what’s being done to prevent this sort of thing. I great recommend this book for those that are into post apocalyptic fiction.

I give it an 8 out of 10.

Update: Going AWOL for a bit.

Hello dear readers and fellow book bloggers.

I will be moving into my very first apartment (omg yes, I’m leaving the nest) so posts will be a little slow at the moment. Right now I have one book ready to post a review (less than 100 pages to read) and after that my reading will be slow.

To those that have contacted me about book reviews: I will get to your emails shortly but not until after I move, I don’t want to give you an old address to send the books to! 🙂

I should be back on my feet in a week or two! until then I’m going to try and read as much as I can to bombard all of you with my reviews! ahahah. Until then, see you in a week!

Review of The Magic Thief: Stolen

The Magic Thief: StolenI can’t remember where I heard this book from. It seems I come across so many books I would like to take a look at and then I can’t seem to remember where I saw it in the first place. Anyway, like the cover? isn’t it awesome. The one thing I like about kid’s books, their covers are so eye catching it’s like candy.

The Magic Thief:Stolen by Sarah Prineas is about a boy thief/spy living on the streets, named Conn who manages to steal the locus magicalicus from a wizard named Nevery. Nevery catches him and instead of punishing him, decides to take him under his wing to train him as an apprentice. Conn’s special, it should have killed him when he stole the stone. While trying to learn how to read, and between trying to find his very own locus magicalicus at the same time, something is happening in the city of Wellmet. Magic is slowly being drained from the city and if there is no magic, the city will suffer. Nevery is being called to find out what’s happening and what is causing the slow drainage of magic. Conn also attempts to help him, and uncovers a plot between a magic rival of Nevery’s and someone familiar to Conn himself.

This book was a short quick read, and filled with action to keep you turning page after page. What I really liked is the really neat illustrations that comes with each chapter. Also in between chapters, is pages that looks like it’s from Nevery’s journal in his writing and in his point of view which adds a little bit more to the plot to round it out evenly. This was also nice to read and it was a nice addition to the book. What I also enjoyed were the names of the places and setting of the book: City of Wellmet, and within the city there are districts like: The Twilight (bad area!) or The Sunrise (rich area), Heartsease (where Conn and Nevery live). Places like these make the setting more magical and fantastical, but I like it as it adds more feeling to the setting. What’s also a neat little add on to the book is at the end you’ll find two recipes for biscuits. You’ll find in the novel, the significance of them and how they’re a very common object in the novel. There is also a glossary and a few extras at the back of the book which is also a nice add on.

Conn sort of reminds me of Oliver Twist a little, he’s a thief and a street orphan who managed to survive for all this time before he met Nevery. He’s very brave and reckless and his curiosity and stubbornness does get the best out of him, but since the book is in his point of view his thoughts were very amusing and sometimes funny to read, especially when he meets with the Duchess and with the incident with the truth serum and the guards (a funny moment in the book). He’s a great character, and an exciting one who’s not afraid of going out there in the city all by himself which always creates some form of trouble or excitement.

However, I wish there was more to Nevery. Hopefully in the next book there will be a little more background information about him. It’s certainly not necessary but it’s always nice to read about it to give the character a more “rounded” out feel and not be so two dimensional. Another character I am curious about is Benet. I’d like to know more about him as well. It seems at times that background information might be helpful or perhaps would have helped in making the plot and its’ characters have more depth but then again, it’s not necessary and perhaps it will all be explained in the next books to come.

Overall a great page turner with plenty of action, comedy, and fantasy. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Think of Oliver Twist in a fantastical setting. I will definitely be picking up the next book in this series it’s certainly well worth it!

I give it an 8 out of 10.

Did Not Finish: Forest of Hands and Teeth

Forest of Hands and TeethFor the second time since I started book blogging,  I’m dropping another book. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. It had great potential. It had zombies damnit! but…well, after 100 pages in (my limit, if at 100 pages I’m not into it, it’s gone) all I have to say is:


There. I’m done. Rant over. Kudos to you guys who managed to read and finish this novel and for tolerating Mary.

Monday Combo 11/16

Musing Mondays (BIG) Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about your bookshelf…

With the holiday season now upon us, have you left any hint – subtle or otherwise – for books family and friends might buy you for Christmas? Do you like to receive books, or do you prefer certificates so you can choose your own?

– I definitely prefer certificates!!!! my mom used to have headaches because she knew I had so many books, the hombre gave up a long time ago and just said to give him a list of the top 3 books I want and then he’ll get them for me 😀 makes him happy and me happy.  A lot of people think certificates are kinda “cheap” to give. Not me. Give me as many as you’d like. Especially ones from Amazon. Those I love the most. 😀


Mailbox Monday:

none. yes. Wipe that wide eyed look from your face 😉 I think because Wednesday was a day off for nearly everyone (including post office) so mail might be delayed. It’s ok. It’s not like I have so much to read.


Library Finds:

Pretty Little Liars – Sara Shepard


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