Monday Combo 10/26

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about note taking…

Do you take notes while reading – either for your reviews or for yourself? How/where do you make these notes (on the page, post-its, scrap paper, notebooks etc)?

– I don’t take notes at all. If I find some really great quote I memorize it and then go back to it when I review it. That’s it. No note taking here 🙂 it would remind me too much of school and the books I was forced to read and nearly ruined my experiences with books.


Mailbox Monday

I received the following this week:

Oh My Gods – Tera Childs (contest win)

Through the Triangle – C P Stewart (Bostick)


Library Finds:

The Concubine’s Daughter – Pai Kit Fai

City of Thieves – David Benioff

The Killing Floor – Lee Child

High Stakes – Erin McCarthy


So what are your answers? 🙂


7 thoughts on “Monday Combo 10/26

  1. oh i SO agree with you about note taking! now that im blogging i already pay more attention to what im reading rather than simply enjoying it as a pleasurable entertainment. notes would make it even worse!

  2. I hope you enjoy Oh. My. Gods. It was a rather entertaining book 🙂

    I don’t take notes but I do write down page numbers so I can go back to them later 🙂

  3. I just started reviewing so we’ll see if I feel the need to take notes but I seriously doubt that I will. I’m not going to be doing any in depth analysis or anything. Sometimes I have to thumb through the pages to remember characters’ last names or something but that’s about it!

  4. Bellezza says:

    I only make a note of a really exceptional quote. Otherwise, I’d have papers floating all over the place! Sometimes, though, I wish I’d written a bit of a summary for every book I’ve read during the year because they tend to blur in this old memory. 😉

  5. I’m not a note-taker at all, either. Sometimes I try to remember the pages numbers of quotes I want to include in blog posts, but that’s about it. Besides, if I ever did decide to take notes, I’d probably get way too into the book and completely forget!

  6. I wrote a review for “The Concubine’s Daughter” by Pai Kit Fai for I appear as Michael P.

    I didn’t post it on my blog though, because I tend to focus more on genre materials.

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