Sunday Salon: Book Fair!

This weekend was the book fair which supports the local libraries here where I’m at. If you buy 5.00 worth of books you get a free coupon where you get a brown paper bag and fill it with as many books you like. So. You probably know what I’ve been doing this weekend 🙂 I have two paper bags. They’re not really filled but it’ll do. Unfortunately there wasn’t much today (Sunday being the last day of the fair) but I did find a few things to fill the bag to up to half. So today, I’ll be putting these books in my excel spreadsheet. After that, reading will commence! I’ll be looking into the following for today:

The Cage – Ruth Minsky Sender

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

No Wind of Blame – Georgette Heyer

What’s everyone reading today?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Book Fair!

  1. Your Book Fair sounds awesome! Our local libraries all have book sales throughout the year, but nothing like that. Sounds great! Looking forward to hearing which books you managed to fit in those two bags! Enjoy!

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