Review of Pope Joan

I was in danger of going through a reading drought. It felt as if I wasn’t able to finish anything I started, and it felt as if I wasn’t able to read as much as I wanted to! however finally! I managed to get one done! I also noticed, when I recieved this book, I […]

Monday Combo 9/21

Here is the Monday combo for this week: Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about reading music… Do you listen to music while reading? Does this change if you’re reading in or out of your house? Do you have a preference of music for such occasions? – It depends. If I am upstairs, then I do […]

Sunday Salon: Halfway Through :)

I’m halfway through on some books this week. Maybe today I could try and finish at least one: Pope Joan – Donna Woolfolk Cross Bending Towards the Sun – Leslie Gilbert-lurie these two are catching my attention the most. They’re very interesting! also, I started a bit last night on Dark Hours – Gudrun Pausewang […]

Review of Contagious

It is strongly recommended you read Infected first, as it gives you a lot of background information – especially on one of the main characters, Perry Dawsey. That being said. You won’t be dissapointed with reading both books. Contagious follows right after Infected. You have Perry Dawsey, a survivor who knows all about these destructive […]

Booking Through Thursday 9/17

What’s the most enjoyable, most fun, most just-darn-entertaining book you’ve read recently? (Mind you, this doesn’t necessarily mean funny, since we covered that already. Just … GOOD.) – I would have to say it’ll be The Light of Burning Shadows by Chris Evans. Now THAT was an exciting book. It was an interesting mix of […]

Meme in Honor of BBAW

I got this off of Should Be Reading. Thought it would be nice to participate in honor of BBAW! Do you snack while you read? If so, favorite reading snack? depends sometimes chocolate, sometimes chips (yes..I accompany junk food with things I love to do) Do you tend to mark your books as you read, […]