Review of The Sweet Far Thing

The Sweet Far Thing

The Sweet Far Thing

Finally! and hooray! the entire Gemma Doyle series is done! *claps* First and foremost. It is strongly recommended you read A Great and Terrible Beauty, and Rebel Angels before you read this one. Events carry one after another in these three books so to avoid feeling lost, it’s better if you read them all in order. Second. All three covers of this series were beautiful. I love corsets! šŸ˜€

The Sweet Far Thing carries right after the events of Rebel Angels. Alliances have to be made. The magic has to be given equally to all tribes but Gemma hestitates. She loves the magic too much and likes helping her friends and loved ones by using it. Yet bad terrible things are happening in the realms and there’s a strange eerie power that’s growing in the dreaded Winterlands.

Be forewarned, this is a BIG book. It’s slightly over 800 pages. So give yourself ample time to read it. This is a lot to read through and I’m afraid to say it, but it does seem to drag a bit. The girls go into the realms, then they’re back to reality. This goes back and forth a lot and it gets tiring a bit. The reader can’t help but get frustrated but, when you progress through the novel, the ending and the climax makes up for it tenfold. That being said though, there’s a lot of action in this book. Fans of Victorian gothic and magic will love this. There’s a good balance between the “real world” of Victorian England and the “other side” where magic, and fantasy come to life.

I still adore Gemma. She’s not afraid of breaking any rules of propriety and does not care what the world thinks of her in their social circles. I like that about her. She wanted to run her life as she saw fit and didn’t care what others thought of a woman running “loose and free” in society. She hasn’t lost her wit (in fact it increases ten fold in this book) and her innermost thoughts still make you chuckle. What I didn’t really like about her, is it seemed as if her friends just used her for her magic, and I thought Gemma was a lot stronger than that. Then again she’s afraid of being lonely and is only doing what they ask for to please them and to let them stay with her. That being said, underneath that selfishness her friends end up staying fiercely loyal to her and they really do value her as a friend.

Aside from the constant travelling back and forth between the worlds, the last book of this series does a good job tying up loose ends and you’re left with a satisfying yet bittersweet ending. There was only part that left me misty eyed. Not telling you which part though.

Overall a good albeit long book. A great closing to a wonderful trilogy and a must read for fans of Victorian Gothic books.

I give it an 8 out of 10.


2 thoughts on “Review of The Sweet Far Thing

  1. I read this trilogy too and throughly enjoyed it. Wasn’t crazy about Rebel Angels but thought this book ended the series nicely. I also wanted Gemma to become a little stronger with respect to her friends, but you make a good point as to why she didn’t.
    Bray could continue this series if she wanted ot. I felt she left the door open just a crack.
    Great review.

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