Booking Through Thursday 9/10

Today’s Booking Through Thursday question is:

What’s the most informative book you’ve read recently?

– It’s a tie between When Christ and His Saints Slept by Sharon Kay Penman (History) and Contagious by Scott Sigler (Science). The first book has a lot of history that I am not very familiar with and I found myself wanting to look up these characters on Wikipedia to get a feel for who they are and how they played a part in this book. Whether it’s historically accurate I am not sure, but it sure seems like it. I found myself learning a lot about this time period and it’s become a very rewarding experience. Whereas in Contagious there’s a lot of science involved in the book but it’s not complicated or difficult. It’s easily explained with simple examples (as I’m not very scientifically oriented) so you can picture and understand what’s going on there’s hardly any huge scientific words so it’s not as intimidating as you think.

That’s really as informative as I can get! what about you guys?


11 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday 9/10

  1. Hmm, I thought it was going to be the instruction manual from The Beatles: Rock Band. Did you get it? I saw it last night at Staples, and thought about getting it…

  2. novelinsights says:

    Me three, my choice The True History of the Kelly Gang made me do lots of googling, and also Mr Pip as I wanted to find out more about the context.

  3. I keep hearing good things about When Christ and His Saints Slept. I should really check that one out.
    And seriously, what would we do without wikipedia to give us more history on people and places? Well, I’d probably just spend more time in the library checking out the encyclopedias…

  4. cjz111 says:

    Contagious – love this book!!!!! Did you read Infected? Another good one! Great choice – I didn’t think of this one but there was quite a bit of science thrown in!

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