Review of Dark Time

Dark Time

Dark Time

First! thank you wonderful publicists at Harper Collins for sending me this book to read and review. It was greatly appreciated.

Dark Time, the first book of Mortal Path by Dakota Banks features a woman named Susannah who after a very traumatic event and death, is resurrected back to life and given immortality, super human abilities, and becomes an unstoppable killing machine by the demon Rabishu in exchange for doing his bidding on Earth. She changes her name to Maliha Crayne and after numerous errands ordered by Rabishu, she gets tired of killing aimlessly and decides to take her life in her own hands. Going against Rabishu, she makes another deal; if she saves a life for every one taken, she’ll be free if not she’ll be damned to long eternal torment by Rabishu. However with every life saved, she ages and her abilities are not as good as it used to be.

The action bits were great. The beginning of the novel grabbed my attention right away and I was engrossed with it. I loved how she became this assassin but with a conscience. The plot is really good. Maliha is something comparable to Lara Croft mixed with Xena Warrior Princess. She seriously knows how to kick some serious booty. She could be a super hero you see on TV shows, complete with “normal” friends who each had a history with her in the past (hence why they’re friends), a potential boyfriend, and a never ending arsenal of weapons. I liked this character a lot then again, I’m always for women characters who know how to pack a punch.

The plot flows with several chapters in between that feature flashbacks of Maliha and how she came to befriend some of her friends in the past. I like them, as it explains a bit of the background story some may find it not necessary, but the little chapters give the story a little more form and depth. Which is great. The ending was a good cliffhanger, it’s making me grind my teeth now that I have to wait for the next one to come out.

There’s a few problems with this book that I have. Maliha is gorgeous. Yes. I realize that. Do we have to be reminded of her gorgeous butt every other chapter? do we have to be reminded that every man she meets wants to jump into the sack with her? (and she wants to jump in nearly every sack she finds with a man in it?) that gets really irritating and got in the way of the plot, I think. Another thing, she meets up with a nemesis who’s “Ageless” like she is. Yet somehow this one managed to sneak into her ultra high security place and managed to fondle her body parts. She didn’t feel that? after how many centuries of training? sure, she’s lost some of her ability but is it that bad that she can’t feel someone’s hand down her underwear? that irked me. A LOT. Of course, you get the romance in this book but it’s not that explicit and I managed to just skim through that (as I don’t care for that stuff much).

Overall, a good book packed with action, with a few details overlooked and a few irritations along the way. Nothing so major (or maybe not) to get in the way of enjoying the novel.

I give it a 6 out of 10.

6 thoughts on “Review of Dark Time

    • lol I’m glad I entertained the both of you! (although those parts really did irk me but I laughed about it in the end no sense in being all huffy. It enhances wrinkles) 😉

  1. Loved your review! Got a kick out of you comparing Maliha to Lara Croft mixed with Xena. Too funny! Have this one on my TBR stack and looking forward to reading it. Thanks!

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