Monday Combo 9/28

Here is Monday’s Memes for this week! —————————————————- Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about your wishlist… Do you keep a book wishlist, either on paper, Amazon/etc, or via a book database site (Shelfari, GoodReads, LibraryThing)? If yes, do you share this list with others (especially coming up to Christmas)? – Yes! there’s about three different […]

Sunday Salon: Review of Bending Toward the Sun

First of all, thank you to FSB Associates for providing me with a review copy of this memoir. It’s actually my very first memoir that I have read from front to back in its’ completion. I’m not much of a memoir reader, the genre hasn’t really interested me but I gave this one a chance […]

Sunday Salon: Finishing and some changes

I’m on the verge of finishing a book (Bending Towards the Sun) and meanwhile I’m thinking of actually doing some changes to this blog. I also have a personal blog but am not using it, that’s on a paid host so I figured, since I’m investing so much time on this book blog I should […]

Review of Dark Hours

First I’d have to say, the cover of this book is interesting and it definitely suits the book. I really do like the red on black however that’s not what really got me into the book. I was surfing on Amazon for random books I might find that I would like and stumbled across this […]

Review of Playing House

First thank you to FSB Associates for providing me with a review copy. I’ve read The Lie by the same author and although I couldn’t get used to it, it didn’t necessarily mean I didn’t like it. It was interesting but the writing style wasn’t something I was familiar with. I was a little hestitant […]

Booking Through Thursday 9/24

What’s the saddest book you’ve read recently? – I’d have to say, it’ll have to be The Blue Notebook by James Levine. It features the story of a child prostitute in India who was sold by her father. It’s quite bleak and there’s nothing happy about it. Even the ending wasn’t really that happy (albeit, […]