Books Bought 8/30

Today’s Book’s Bought by Cindy’s Love of Books. It’s been a while since I participated in one. So I’ll join in. Why? I have a huge announcement to make.

*drum roll*

I BOUGHT WIDEACRE by Philippa Gregory!!! it finally came in! what’s been on my wishlist for the longest time is now in my little hands. Hooray! other books that I have bought:

Lost Girls – George D Shuman

Guenevere Queen of the Summer Country – Rosalind Miles

Cat and Mouse – James Patterson

what did you guys buy recently?

Note: I did buy a whole crapload these past two weeks but I’m not about to spend the rest of my day listing them here 😛


4 thoughts on “Books Bought 8/30

  1. Great list! I particularly like the “Note” section! LOL Thanks for that this morning! Enjoy your new books! I just finally found you on twitter as well…so I can um…stalk (I mean) Follow…yup…Follow you there as well!

    : D

    Stop by when you can!

    xoxo AMY (Park-Avenue Princess)

    • oh heheh hi! you forgot to grab some cookies on the way 🙂 I always leave em out for new guests 😀 I’ll be visiting your blog right away after this comment. Oh yeah and I am following you back on twitter, fyi.

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