Review of The Wife’s Tale

The Wife's Tale

The Wife's Tale

First things first! thank you for sending me this book (I won this by completing a survey). Much and greatly appreciated! The Wife’s Tale by Lori Lansens is the story of Mary Gooch, and her husband, after 25 years of marriage, picks up and leaves without saying a word. Through the book you go through Mary’s journey as she attempts to search for her husband. What she doesn’t know is it’s also a journey of finding herself and improving her life.

Like in my last review, I normally don’t read this kind of book. However I gave it a try – why not? I should at least try almost everything once. I found this book to be a touching read. Not touching in a sad sense, but more of a feel good touchy feeling. When I first started reading this book I just felt this wretching pity for Mary. She’s grossly overweight, her husband just left her, and she was so dependent on him so obviously she’s lost and doesn’t know what to do at first. I wanted to just take her by the shoulders and shake her. The pity and sadness just deepens further when Mary goes to California to her mother in law’s place thinking her husband is there. I hated her mother in law. She’s everything I would never ever want to have in an in law. Eden’s (mother in law) callousness and spite just makes her look like your typical old mother viper. She sort of gets her come uppins towards the end of the book but, well you do change your opinion of her after that. However as the story progresses, from pity, you then feel very supportive of Mary and you start backing her up (that “you go girl” feeling becomes more present)

What will never change throughout this book is Mary’s very open and willingness to help others despite what they think of her. She has this strange uncanny ability to make acquaintances as she meets them and she’s so friendly that even strangers help her at random encounters. Which does sort of bother me, however perhaps it’s because I have a rather pessimistic view and would never rely on strangers to help me. I couldn’t, for example go up to random people on the parking lot to ask for a ride (which Mary did…and succeeded). That doesn’t really strike up as realistic to me, however I put that thought aside, it’s just a story, after all.

There are moments in the book where I had the warm fuzzies (did I just SAY THAT?). I especially enjoyed Mary’s makeover at the salon. I liked how other women around her supported her, and even comforted her as she told her story of how her husband left, and how she’s off to find him. It was a great moment and my most favorite part of the book.

Plot flow was great! no blips or bumps! No side tracking to anything. There were times where Mary would be flooded with memories and flashbacks. However I thought it was an essential part of the story, so you could understand her relationship with her husband.
I liked the ending, it gave me a sense of optimism and it looked like Mary was indeed off to a fine start.

Overall a good, nice, comforting touchy feely story. One I would recommend to those that like a “feel good” book.

I give it a 7 out of 10.


7 thoughts on “Review of The Wife’s Tale

  1. This sounds really good. I wasn’t sure if I’d be interested in it because I thought The Girls by the same author was boring and plotless (although it was very highly acclaimed). Of course, I could have just been in a weird reading rut.

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