I won I won! and a reading update

Omg thanks so much Sheila @ Bookjourney! I won a $15 gift certificate from a contest she was having!!!! I’m so happy! *hugs and purrs going your way*

On another note: I haven’t opened my Philippa Gregory The White Queen envelope yet. I think it’s about time don’t you? 😉 it’s sitting pretty with its’ bright red sticker saying: “Do not open until Aug 18, 2009” well..what day is it today? yeah thought so. However I am reading The Other Queen right now and I want to finish the last and final Tudor novel before moving onto the Plantagenets.

I am also almost finished The Lie by Fredrica Wagman. I will be reviewing it soon. 🙂

Thanks again so much!!!!!! *hugs all*


7 thoughts on “I won I won! and a reading update

  1. Congratulations on winning the gift certificate! That is so cool!

    Did you open the White Queen envelope yet? What was in it? You can’t just tease us without telling! Please? *L*

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