Wishful Wednesday 8/12

Today is Wishful Wednesday where we list what books we want to buy or ones that are on our wishlist that we want bad (so bad you could just taste it!) (well, list what books in that HUGE wishlist you really want the most).

Update: I bought Eclipse by Stephenie Meyers. Woot. One more and then I will FINALLY start reading the Twilight series. Also Wideacre hasn’t come in yet. I might do the dreaded phone call to whine where my copy is and why it hasn’t arrived…

So! I add the following to my wishlist:

The Rising – Brian Keene (Zombies!!!!! need zombies!!)
My Lady of Cleves – Margaret Campbell Barnes (Almost got this at the thrift but had to leave, was gone the next day. Bad luck for me.)

The Innocent Mage – Karen Miller (looks good)

So! what’s on your wishlist?


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