Review of The Warrior Heir

The Warrior Heir

The Warrior Heir

Take your average boy who lives in a small town in Ohio, add some wizards, warriors, and magic. Also add into the mix, some good old fashioned gladiator fighting (a la Roman style). Then add a dash of history involving the Wars of the Roses. Voila you get The Warrior Heir.

It took me a while to get used to it. The prologue was a bit confusing as I was trying to figure out what time period this is taking place, or if it’s taking place in some strange unknown imaginary land. The beginning chapters was the same way. It was just hard to get used to having fantasy in a present day setting. I suppose it’s like Harry Potter, but it’s much different. With Harry Potter, you were taken to, say Hogwarts where all the magic happened there. Here in The Warrior Heir, the fantasy stayed with you. There was no “secret transportation” to another place away from “normals”. It’s hard to describe and I don’t want to make it seem confusing but to me, it just got a little strange getting used to it. Perhaps it was the writing style. I’m not sure.

The plot was quick to start and character development was pretty good. I think a good job was done making sure all characters were explained and accounted for although I’m not sure if the next “companion book” (The Wizard Heir) has anything to do with these characters. It looks like it doesn’t. Nevertheless the majority of the loose ends were tied and complete.

Character wise, it was an accurate picture of simple teenagers going to a high school. Jack goes through all the stages of what an average boy goes through during that time in his life. I think the aim was to make it a fantasy novel, but with realistic characters and accurate development throughout the plot, you see both Ellen and Jack grow up drastically towards the end of the novel, but then again they had no choice considering what they’ve gone through.

The only drawback was it was a little predictable in some parts of the story. I had myself guessing correctly on who was doing what and such. No matter, the story was still an enjoyable read even though it was hard to get used to in the beginning.

Overall an interesting read and something worth trying if you want something different. I give it a 6 out of 10.


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