Sunday Salon: The Warrior Heir (reading 100 pages)

I made it a goal to at least read 100 pages of any book on Sundays (because that’s when I have the most time to myself) the reason why I made it 200 pages for The Godfather was because it’s a big thick book and it would take me more time to finish. However, the 200 pages of Godfather is done (really good stuff I might add) and now I’m into The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima. This is for my YA Book Challenge and also because some geek decided it would be really funny to put this book on hold and now I have a week to finish it. (Thank you, whoever did that. I hope you had a good laugh at making me read at a very fast and rushed rate) Not that I’m enjoying the novel. It’s actually different and it’s not so bad.

I’m really not sure what to read after my 100 page goal is done today. It’s costing me an arm and a leg to even look at the spine of Masquerade (the Blue Blood’s novel). Perhaps I’ll read The Other Queen. I need some Philippa Gregory. 🙂


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