Books Bought 8/1

I managed to get a few books this week. I’m still waiting for my order of Wideacre!!!!

This is what I bought:

Dying Bites – D D Barant (I’ve never heard of this, and it’s urban fantasy and I’m looking for some that doesn’t have bodice ripping content)
Trangression – James W Nichol (More WWII stuff)
Kiss the Girls – James Patterson (Have to build up on this collection to read them all)
Wicked – Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie (This book contains two novels called Witch and Curse it caught my eye as I’ve never heard of this series)

That’s it!

oh and another note: I WON A BOOK ON GOODREADS!!!!! HOOORAYY!


5 thoughts on “Books Bought 8/1

  1. Not sure if you liked the movie versions, but earlier this summer Walmart had a display of multiple movies on a DVD, and one of them had “Kiss The Girls”, “Along Came A Spider” and “Double Jeopardy”, all on one DVD for $10.

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