Booking Through Thursday 7/30

Today’s Booking Through Thursday and the question is:

What’s the funniest book you’ve read recently?

– Hmmm. I don’t really read funny books. There were parts in the book that make me laugh but if you’re thinking of being genre specific then that’s just not possible. However if you were to ask me which one of the recent books I’ve read that made me giggle and snort it would be Medicus by Ruth Downie. A lot of parts in that book just made me laugh out loud. One particular part where the main character is hopping about after being hit in the head and his toe got stubbed I was laughing so hard my boyfriend had to shut me up. Then there’s that toenail part (let’s just not go there) it’s actually making me smile and snicker even now.

What about you guys? what made you laugh?


5 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday 7/30

  1. Whenever I want to laugh out loud while reading, I always turn to my collected P.G. Wodehouse. I can’t believe that Wodehouse wrote all those stories several years ago. Reading them today, they’re still hysterical reads!

  2. Hi! I wanted to thank you for responding to my question on the Book Blog site about what to do if you read an ARC and want to review it but in the end you didn’t like the book. I appreciate your response and your advice confirmed how I feel! So here goes nothing…

    One of the funniest books I’ve read is “Straight Man” by Richard Russo. He’s a wonderful writer and has written several very good books in addition, such as “Empire Falls”, “The Risk Pool” and “Bridge of Sighs”. He’s not a comedic writer but “Straight Man” is quite funny in parts and a very enjoyable book.

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