Sunday Salon 100 Pages…

Okay!!!! I did 100 pages into Shanghai Girls and The Strain. Both have been very interesting so far. Although reading The Strain has been giving me the willies and sometimes I say out loud: “Ewwwww” that’s been an exciting and very intriguing read as I’m still not sure what the hell the thing is.

As for Shanghai Girls it’s really good. I’d have to say though, it’s really sad and the only thing I can say as I read further will probably get worse. It just seems like one of those books that does. (Also I’ve read reviews on other book blogs about it)

That’s it for my Sunday Salon. I didn’t read all of the ones I wanted but at least 100 pages into these two books is something to be proud about 🙂

How did everyone else do?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon 100 Pages…

  1. I did good… finished all 300+ pages of Off Season (odd ending…) and about 70 pages into Angela’s Ashes and about 50 pages into The End of Grace. Yeah…. I am a multi book reader. Have to go with the mood…. Pride and Priejudice is laying here too with about 50 pages in…

    Shanghai Girls sounds interesting. Is it anything like Geisha I wonder?

    • Not at all! (in fact, I rather hated Memoirs of a Geisha..glad I didn’t have a book blog at the to review it..) Shanghai Girls has a very…sad tone to it…I’ll be reviewing it soon as I’m more than halfway done 🙂

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