Books Bought Meme

It’s Book Bought day today! hosted by Cindy and I got quite a few listed here:

Vampire Kisses The Beginning – Ellen Schreiber (cover was pretty, plot seemed interesting)
Along Came A Spider – James Patterson (Might as well start this series too)
The Queen’s Sorrow – Suzannah Dunn (My Historical Fiction fix)
The Last Wife of Henry VIII – Carolly Erickson (Never got a chance to read about Catherine Parr) (Need my Tudor Fix)

I will probably get more as I saw some good finds at the thrift store. Hee! 😀

What did you guys get? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Books Bought Meme

  1. Thanks for taking part in Books Bought. I have read ALONG CAME A SPIDER and enjoyed it. I am a huge James Patterson fan. I hope you like it. Look forward to seeing your review on it.

  2. Depending on whether you can enjoy movies after reading the book or not, Walmart has summer DVDs on sale. Along Came A Spider, Kiss the Girls, and Double Jeopardy on one DVD for $10, I think.

  3. I’ll have to post my Books Bought tomorrow morning. I bought a bunch that I can’t wait to dig into. I have to get a few more Tudor books. Maybe you can make some recommendations.

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