Read Em Yet? Wednesday

Read Em Yet? Wednesday is hosted by Veronika. The featured author this week is Gail Carson Levine! I knew she sounded familiar so I checked my lists of books owned, nada. Checked wishlist voila! I actually wanted to check out this book:



It’s called Fairest and looks like a rendition of Snow White (I’ve read the summary) however I could be wrong. I’ll probably take this book out when available or if I can’t wait too long, probably put it on hold in the next week or two. (Actually probably soon, as now I’m all curious about it I took out Eagle of the Ninth remember?) I know she’s written more books but this one stood out. I think probably because of the cover. I think it’s rather pretty. If it’s any good the I’ll probably give more of her other books a try. I guess we’ll see!

Thanks Veronika for remind me about Gail Carson Levine 🙂

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