Sunday Salon – Last one of the night!

So I spent the last few hours reading The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox and let’s just say it’s a huge contrast to The City of Ember. While The City of Ember is a light read, The Meaning of Night goes into the mind of a killer and his thoughts. It’s set in Victorian England (I love anything Victorian) and although you could say it’s like another Jack the Ripper clone, it’s not really. He seems to be sane albeit a little strange, but he’s a sociopath so he blends easily with his friend and girlfriend, and with the rest of society. However, although he’s committed his first crime, he’s paranoid as someone’s slipping in hints and has found him out (ie: leaving him notes and leaving his girlfriend some notes) so of course now he’s looking about thinking who the sneaky slimeball is who’s ruining his plans. You have to love the mind of villains. I remember always siding with the villains in certain cartoons I used to watch. They’re always so..well they always seem to have the most fun. It when they get so paranoid and freaked out where you start falling down. I just started this book and it’s keeping me engrossed for the last two hours. So far so good!

That’s my Sunday Salon of the day! Mind you, next Sunday I might not be able to participate. I have a BBQ to attend to and social circles require that I attend. Alas I’ll be sorry to not be reading my books on Sunday for next week. 😦 There’s always the next next Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Last one of the night!

  1. I couldn’t finish The Meaning of Night. Too dense for me and I had such high expectations. It was too sad to hear that Michael Cox passed away earlier this year.

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