Library Finds this week

I just thought of something. I was oozing with envy as I surfed through book blogs and how these lucky people got all sorts of goodies in their mailboxes from authors and publishers alike. *sighs* I know I’ll get some books soon so I’m going to keep positive! (feels like grabbing a microphone and yelling over the PA: HEY I WANT SOME BOOKS TOO) So I decided to go to the library to make myself feel better.

I found some of these goodies:

The Virgin’s Lover – Philippa Gregory (was on hold and I picked it up hence another excuse to go to the library)

The Meaning of Night – Michael Cox (Victorian thriller)

The Templar Legacy – Steve Berry (Part of my Suspense and Thriller Challenge)

The Dark Queen – Susan Carroll (Was on my Wishlist)

Creepers – David Morell (Part of my Take a Chance Challenge) (because The Ruby in Her Navel didn’t work out)

voila there’s my treasure! anybody else go to the library and found something good?

Teaser Tuesday is coming up soon!


One thought on “Library Finds this week

  1. Love your post and I feel the same way! How do these people get so many darn books? *L* My mailbox is sadly empty most weeks. But you’re right…need to stay positive and believe that our day will come. Someday, the books will start pouring in…..(fingers crossed!)

    I really like your idea of Library Finds. Mind if I borrow it?

    Have a great night!

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