Finally Up and Running!

Okay! my first post! and what better than to start with a survey on what I like. I got this from Lost in Books and thought it would give you guys a good idea on what kind of books I like etc etc. Anyway! I’m finally up and running in this book blog and I’m hoping I come across some real good books from you guys and I hope you like what I have chosen and reviewed as well! (Reviews won’t come up for a while..I’m reading 4 at the same time and that’s no small feat I’m used to reading one at a’s a long story…but to make it short: certain books I have taken out of the library have been put on hold by some bastard so now I have a time limit to finish some books curses to that bastard!!) *shakes fist*

1. What author do you own the most books by?

Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman.

2. What book do you own the most copies of?

I don’t do the more than one copy thing.

3. Did it bother you that both those questions ended with prepositions?


4. What fictional character are you secretly in love with?

uh.. *blushes* several: Kelsier from Mistborn, Calis from The Serpentwar Saga, Richard Sharpe from the Sharpe series, and Arthur from The Constant Princess. My God, this list could go on…ack.

5. What book have you read the most times in your life?

Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman)

6. Favorite book as a ten year old?

The Curse of the Blue Figurine (John Bellairs)

7. What is the worst book you’ve read in the past year?

It’s not the worst book I’ve read..but The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova wasted my time. Why I went through it was because I was stubborn..and silly.

8. What is the best book you’ve read in the past year?

The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory, The Road by Cormac McCarthy, Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child is a start, I might read good ones in the future 🙂

9. If you could force everyone you know to read one book, what would it be?

Jennifer Government (Max Barry)

10. What book would you most like to see made into a movie?

The Warriorcats series 🙂 and it has to be cgi animated too

11. What is the most difficult book you’ve ever read?

Camp Concentration (Thomas M Disch) my wrecked my brain I swear. I hate anything with physics or matter..or the universe. I tried though. It hurt.

12. What is your favorite book?

I have too many to name 🙂

13. Play?


14. Poem?

There’s two: Ode to a Nightengale and La Belle Dame Sans Merci both by John Keats

15. Essay?

mmm..can’t say I’ve read any but my own during college 😀

16. Who is the most overrated writer alive today?

Terry Goodkind (You Stink!)

17. What is your desert island book?

Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson) (yes, cliche)

18. And . . . what are you reading right now?

The Serpent’s Tale – Ariana Franklin
Angels and Demons – Dan Brown
World War Z – Max Brooks
Red Seas Under Red Skies – Scott Lynch


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